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Glow-Meno is an online menopause community taking the guesswork and loneliness out of menopause by empowering women to discover how to have their happiest, healthiest menopause

We’re here to support you through peri-menopause by putting you at the centre of your menopause journey.  We know one solution does not fit all and most women thrive with a fully holistic approach aimed at how to live, eat, sleep and exercise for optimal well-being.

Welcome to Glow-Meno

Are you ready for your best menopause?

Glow-Meno is empowering women to seek out their happiest and healthiest menopause.  We want to help you understand your symptoms better and to find out what strategies will help support you through your worst peri-menopause symptoms. At the same time we want to connect you to other women going through menopause to help combat the loneliness and confusion it can sometimes bring.



The Glow-Meno online menopause community is coming soon. This is a dedicated menopause space where women can learn how to live, sleep, eat and exercise better in the second half of life.

Join Glow-Meno to:


  • Connect with other women going through menopause

  • Get to grips with your symptoms and how to manage them better

  • Access expert advice from leaders in women's health and menopause 

  • Join healthy menopause classes and workshops

  • Learn about tried and tested products and supplements

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